Sophie Archer

We lost our sweet talented little dancer Sophia Archer. She loved to dance and play with her three sisters. Her best bud and cousin was Macy (featured in many photo’s attached to her hip :) ). We will truly miss her and will keep her in our remembrance always. We wear purple hearts to honor her and plan to wear purple at recital.We have a gofundme account set up at to assist her family with funeral costs and to also fund a crossing guard at the crosswalk where her life was taken. At our dance recital we will be selling shirts for Sophie’s family. We all love you Sophie! 20150307_185013 (2) Class 001 Class003 Class02 fair012 fair039 IMG_8134 IMG_8825 IMG_8826 IMG_8906 IMG_8966 IMG_8976 IMG_8999 IMG_9429 IMG_9804 IMG_9812 IMG_9827 IMG_9908 IMG_9979 IMG_9994 mba001 Motion Bliss Academy Fall 2013 005 Sophia carwash class sophia Sophia001 Sophia002 Sophia003 (2) Sophia003 Sophia004 Sophie Archer Favorite Sophie class I believe

Picture day May 16th 2015


Hip Hop III                  8:30-9:30 am

Hip Hop I Level II               9-10 am

Hip Hop I Level I                9-10 am

Tap I Level I                     10-11 am

Tap I Level II                    11-12 am

Tap II Level II                     12-1 pm

CM 3 yr old’s                   1:30-2 pm

CM Mon 4:30                  2-2:30 pm

CM Wed 3:45                 2:30-3 pm

CM Wed 4:45                     3-4 pm

Acro                               4-4:30 pm

All Ballet                    4:30-5:30 pm

Jazz I                         5:30-6:30 pm

Solo/Duet/Trio – Photo’s will be taken during scheduled class

Bring all Jazz and Ballet shoes